Courtesy of Christine Soule

Faith-based nonprofit organization Providence Heights is dedicating its first training center to local women in need, with an emphasis on housing and job training.

The one-year live-in training model, located at Bellevue’s former Red Lion Hotel complex, takes a step-by-step approach to teach women helpful entrepreneurial skills like web design, finance, marketing strategies, starting LLCs, and more.

“Our focus is to bring [women] in and discover the areas of brokenness in their life, and really draw out the gifts and talents they have, finding both passion and purpose,” said Christine Soule, Providence Heights’ founder and CEO.

The facility is slated to begin introducing women to its program this February, with intentions to eventually include the children of those enrolled.

A graduate program is available as a next step following the initial training, which continues to provide further opportunities and growth.

“We all tend to find ourselves at the edge of the cliff at some point in our lives. The next critical steps we take can really determine our destiny,” said Soule. “Providence Heights is like a guard rail saying, ‘let’s not get too close to the cliff’ and really giving them an opportunity to make the changes needed before they start to slide off the cliff.”

Using the term ‘capitalism for the poor’ to describe how they’ve managed to create a self-sustaining revenue flow, the organization said the center has been made possible by reinvesting capital from sales and real-estate ventures.

The group intends to widen its sustainable plan in the future, collaborating with other nonprofit organizations to continue helping women.

The ribbon-cutting and dedication ceremony for the center is slated for Saturday, Jan. 8 at noon, and will feature speeches from city officials, business owners, and Soule.

Register here to join the event and tour the facility. No formal reception is planned due to COVID-19 concerns.

You can also join the Grand Opening Virtual Gala taking place on Saturday, Jan. 30 at 2 p.m. here.

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