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Bring Your Dog To Work Day Is June 23


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Dogs aren’t called man’s best friend for nothing. Those cute, fluffy, slobbering canines nuzzle their way into our homes and our hearts because having them around actually makes us feel better.

In recognition of the role these pups play in our lives, this Friday, June 23, is National Bring Your Dog to Work Day. Not only is this a fun way to acquaint you dog with the place you disappear to for eight hours a day, but the presence of Fido at your office can actually increase your productivity and lower your stress.

A 2012 study by Virginia Commonwealth University found that employees who brought their dogs to work with them saw stress-causing cortisol levels fall by 11 percent throughout the day while employees without pets on hand saw their levels rise by 70 percent.

Bellevue-based Seattle Humane is celebrating this occasion in their own way by encouraging prospective adoptive doggy moms and dads to come out and help dogs find their forever homes (and offices). To facilitate this, Seattle Humane is offering 50 percent off on adoption fees for dogs ages 1 year and older all day on Friday.

Never brought you pup to work? No worries, the folks at Seattle Humane have compiled some rules on workplace “pettiquette” to keep in mind.

  1. Make sure your employer and co-workers are up for having a furry visitor. You may be surprised to find some co-workers have allergies to pet dander or perhaps your boss has a meeting with an important client that day.
  2. Your pet should be healthy, well-behaved, socialized, and house-trained — however, accidents do happen. Don’t fret, just clean it up. Remember that your office will be an unfamiliar environment, so use your best judgment when it comes to the well-being of your pet.
  3. Bring your pet’s favorite toys, pillows, food and water, and lots of treats to help them feel comfortable. This will also help to keep your pup busy so you can get some work done.
  4. Be mindful of your co-workers as they may not be pet people. Avoid taking your pup in the restroom or anywhere food is served, and don’t force interactions between your coworkers and your pet.

For more information and a sneak peek of some of the dogs who will be available for adoption visit Seattle Humane online.

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