Photo by Baylee Reinhart/Clarity Now

It takes only about 20 minutes by boat or private ferry to leave Everett and feel like you are stepping into another world. It isn’t unusual to wake in the morning to the sound of whales.

This 1,467-square-foot beach home on Hat Island has two bedrooms, a loft, and two bathrooms. It has us dreaming about remote life away from it all. At press time, it was for sale by Barb Pexa & Associates for $1.39 million.

“We do see more people living farther out since COVID, but with this only being 20 minutes by ferry, it’s still accessible, and many of the island residents have their own boats, and they just cruise 15 to 20 minutes to the Port of Everett,” Pexa said.

The island is small, with about 190 homes and 85 residents who live there full time, according to Pexa.

“I think this lifestyle is more and more appealing to people that want a more community-centric life or even those that just want to get away from the chaos of busy lives. Many residents have their homes for vacation or weekend homes, and I am even considering some land up on the island, as it is way faster to get to than, say, the San Juans,” she said. “The day we took pictures, I left Issaquah at 9 a.m. to be on the 10 a.m. ferry by 9:50 and was on island by 10:20. Easy breezy.”

There isn’t much on the island — just a USGA-rated 9-hole golf course and yacht club and, of course, miles of private beach.


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All photos by Baylee Reinhart/Clarity Now

Work and Play on Hat Island
Work and Play on Hat Island
Work and Play on Hat Island
Work and Play on Hat Island
Work and Play on Hat Island
Work and Play on Hat Island
Work and Play on Hat Island