Courtesy of Sergei Akulich via Pexels

Global Family Travels is offering new Seattle community tours.

The outdoor adventures give participants an opportunity to learn about the Pacific Northwest’s regions, communities, natural surroundings, and history in fun and engaging ways, according to a recent release.

Global Family Travels aims to connect citizens through travel experiences and address environmental challenges. It collaborates with non-profit organizations globally in areas including Alaska, Bali, India, Ecuador, and others.

“Community tourism can be a catalyst for positive change in a destination and these local adventures offer the opportunity for locals, travelers, and host community members to create meaningful connections and support destination stewardship in the Pacific Northwest,” said Jennifer Spatz, chief executive and founder of Global Family Travels, in the release. “We consider tourism to be an important contributor to sustainable development, economic growth, employment and cross-cultural understanding, and travel experiences will play a key role in post-pandemic recovery efforts for our local and global communities.”

Global Family Travels’ new Seattle tours include a variety of day tours, three-day adventures, and week-long adventures that incorporate both urban and rural sightseeing. Travelers can visit Seattle’s Capitol Hill for an art tour, the Newcastle coal mines, Olympic Peninsula, or Willamette National Forest, to name a few.

Each of these adventures includes a community service component or a small donation to the community or non-profit partners involved.

For a full list of Global Family Travels’ new adventures, and to read more about its story, visit its website here.