Courtesy of The House of LR&C via Facebook

Russell Wilson and Ciara opened the first brick-and-mortar location of their clothing company The House of LR&C at University Village yesterday. 

The 1,200-square-foot store will highlight the company’s several brands: Ciara’s women’s-focused LITA and its gender-neutral line Human National; Wilson’s Good Man Brand; and the kids apparel-focused 3Brand. 

Three percent of all revenue at the store will go toward the couple’s Seattle-based Why Not You Foundation nonprofit. 

The store also follows United Nations corporate sustainability tenets and is making use of “Flowcodes” — QR codes that dot the store, usually by mannequins, that not only can provide additional information about an item of clothing but also allow for a sped-up purchase of an outfit. 

Overseen by CEO Christine Day, The House of LR&C launched in 2020 and has seen its revenue shoot up 70 percent over the last year. Three more stores are anticipated to open later in 2022, with plans to raise up to $15 million to support growth.

“For us, Seattle is home,” Day said in a press release. “We’ve seen an incredible amount of support from this community given its home to Russell and Ciara. With strong roots in the city, and our understanding that the future of retail is omnichannel, opening this store is a key step in our go-to-market diversification strategy. Our store will act more like a showroom for people to actually buy in the moment, touch and feel our product, and it will be a place for us to be able to express our whole brand story.”

The House of LR&C — which stands for Love, Respect, and Care — is not Russell Wilson and Ciara’s only business venture. Wilson is the CEO of production and brand management company West2EastEmpire and, in collaboration with Pioneer Square Labs, was behind TraceMe, a social networking startup that was acquired by Nike. Ciara owns the Beauty Marks Entertainment Record Label; is a board member of the Seattle-based Amperity marketing startup; and recently launched a Dare to Roam backpacks line. The couple signed a deal with Amazon in 2021 to develop and produce TV shows and movies, too.