Jen Chambers Art 1

All photos courtesy of Jen Chambers Art.

Northwest artist Jen Chambers’ work evokes feelings of calm and peace. Her work is doing double duty now, when many have begun to place a greater emphasis on the connection between art, beauty, and the much-needed emotional benefits it can provide within their homes and commercial spaces.

As more people are unable to go to the places that might normally bring respite, Chambers and other artists’ creations are generating happiness and light during darkness.

Chambers, who also has a degree in interior design, has been painting since 2005. She combines her design knowledge and art to create highly textured and abstract mixed-media compositions. The end result: tranquility.

Jen Chambers Art: Creating Calmness with Color

Chambers draws much of her inspiration from nature, which can be seen within the neutral palette and gentle movements that flow through her work, full of energy, yet undeniably imbued with feelings of serenity.

“People have really begun to realize what an escape nature can be,” said Chambers. “Being outside and really allowing yourself to feel the quiet magnificence of the Earth and all its greatness creates an emotion that profoundly resonates with my clients, and is captured through my art.”

One such technique used to create different elements of texture within her soothing body of work is called encaustic — a method that goes back to as early as the 4th century.

Jen Chambers Art: Creating Calmness with Color

The process involves heating beeswax and combining color pigments to create a unique range of artistry with unique tools before it cools. “The wax hardens, and I use a blow torch or heat gun to move it around,” said Chambers. “It’s a really fun process and allows me to bring so much depth and texture to my work.”

Whether her art is in homes, commercial spaces, or galleries, she finds that it is just as much about the personal journey and cathartic process she undergoes with each piece as it is about bringing joy and beauty to others through her passion of painting.

“My goal is to completely let go of the outside world and lose myself in the piece,” said Chambers. “With so much craziness in the world lately, it has been a blessing for me to have this escape in the studio. I get just as much out of painting a piece as the client does in having it in their home. I believe the amount of emotion I put into my art really shows when being viewed by others.”

Her work can be obtained by commission or at her website. It’s also on display and for sale at a number of Seattle and Eastside locations, including B-Bar, Bellevue; Realogics Sotheby’s, Bellevue; Sorella Salon, Issaquah; Six Walls Interior Design, Mercer Island; Willa, Seattle; BG Home, Seattle; and Gray Sky Gallery, Seattle.