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Blaze a Trail with Local Foot Fashion


Its products seem to be everywhere — at Amazon, REI, Nordstrom Rack, Big 5 Sporting Goods, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Kohl’s, and many other outlets across the country. But where are the headquarters for Northside’s quality outdoor hiking boots, sandals, and trail shoes?

A site in the Snohomish County city of Marysville, overlooking Mount Pilchuck and the rest of the Cascades.

“When we founded Northside (in 1985), we saw that many people were being excluded from the outdoors based on cost,” said Jack Wolfin, president and CEO of Northside’s parent company, Triple T Trading. “We didn’t think this was fair. We believe that the physical and mental health benefits of being in nature should be accessible to all, no matter how much money you make, how fit you might be, or how much experience you may have.”

Holding true to the company’s motto, “The Other Side of Outside,” Northside’s hiking boots, for example, range from $40–80, its sandals and water shoes hover around the $25–35 mark, and its winter boots average from $33 for kids to $105 for the adults’ faux-fur-topped, waterproof Kathmandu snow boot.

“That is the core mission of our company, to make the outdoors accessible to everyone,” Wolfin said. “This drives everything we do. We are obsessed about designing and building the best outdoor footwear.”

Common features include breathable nylon, natural suede, toe guards, moisture-wicking liners, and outsoles created with traction and stability in mind. Not forgetting, of course, affordability.

“Expensive, extreme, and complex gear may inflate egos, but it doesn’t inflate your enjoyment of the outdoors,” states the company’s website. “We believe that you can absolutely blaze a trail without indecipherable technology on your feet.”

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