Courtesy Diane von Furstenberg

Decades past reboot.

Feminine. Empowered.

Texture. Fun. Comfort.

Those are the adjectives that are encapsulating spring fashion this year, said Bruce Pflaumer, founder and style expert of the Eastside-based Michael Bruce Image Consulting.

Our clothing tells a story about who we are, and Pflaumer and his team help clients define and execute that narrative with their style. He keeps an eye on the fashion pulse each season as trends crescendo and decrescendo.

Right now, it’s all about the ’60s and ’70s, with colorful palettes and graphic patterns. Silhouettes on women are looser with shorter cuts, making garments more comfortable but still feminine.

For guys, a simple plaid isn’t going to cut it. It’s time to introduce some bolder prints for an intriguing, wow-factor aesthetic — think Donald Glover and Harry Styles meet Michael Fassbender. Men’s style right now is all about elevated comfort.

All right, let’s dig in.

Men’s Must-Haves

  • Fun florals with darker tones and small prints offer a dressy look without suiting up.
  • Shirts with a little stretch for that comfort angle with a fit that’s closer to the body, which will actually keep you cooler in warmer weather and is more flattering.
  • Embrace pink. Pink raspberry tones are really refreshing this season and look sharp against gray and caramel tones.
  • Get yourself a cool sneaker. Leather kicks give you walkability with an edge.
  • Skip the backpack, and go for a sleek cross-body bag, big or small. It looks more professional and is still utilitarian.

Women’s Must-Haves

  • Mix and match unexpected colors, or go full monochrome, like head-to-toe mauve. So, if you go with a yellow top, mix it with a printed pant or pastel blazer instead of leaning on black as your main pairing option.
  • Embrace prints and print mixing. Here’s a quick tip: Pair a blouse embellished with a larger print with a pant or skirt that has a microprint, or vice versa.
  • Rethink the blazer. It elevates your style and can still look relaxed. But skip the black and go for a soft color, like raspberry, Biscay green, or a dusty denim.
  • Find a flat that has structure to it, like a menswear-inspired loafer. Structured flats are much more flattering than ballet flats with short sides that often make feet look wider.
  • Vegan leather is widely available now and looks beautiful. Challenge yourself again with color, and seek out an unconventional shade, like soft blue or dusty pink.

Sustainably Minded

Go through your closet and decide what you’re not wearing, and donate.

“There are tons of companies out there that would love to take your clothing and resell it for a really low price,” he said, “Or give it to someone that needs it.” Pflaumer is a fan of local nonprofits Bellevue Lifespring and Ryther.

Also, many companies are taking a more sustainable approach to how they’re producing their items, so it’s easy to seek that out if it’s important to you.

Crave-able Colors

Flaming scarlet (wear with olive or a dusty blue)

Mosaic blue(wear with an off-white and other neutrals)

Coral pink (wear with other pink tones, like raspberry)

Biscay green (wear with cream, charcoal gray, or taupe)

Classic blue (wear with lavender or a sharp orange)