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Issaquah Food & Clothing Bank

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Issaquah Food & Clothing Bank

Hunger on the Eastside? 

Amidst our beautiful homes and lush landscapes in East King County lie a sadly hidden secret...thousands are struggling to put food on the table. 2020 brought a 36% increase in food insecurity in our region with children being impacted even greater at a 54% increase. * 


This year marks the 50th anniversary of the community effort that has been providing free food, clothing, hygiene, baby items, and case management resources within a 110 square mile service area on the Eastside. Join one of Issaquah Food & Clothing Bank’s Recipe for Hope live-stream events on September 28th to learn about this local icon built by compassion and driven by community. There’s still much more to be done and you can be a part of the solution. 


Click here to learn more about Recipe for Hope and how to help! 


Don't miss out on your FREEBIE! All those who attend the breakfast live-stream will receive a gift card to Caffe Ladro and all those who attend the lunch live-stream will be mailed a Village Square Cafe gift card. Both gift cards can be redeemed at multiple locations all over the Puget Sound. Enjoy! 



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