The Seattle Design Center recently announced the three winners of the Northwest Design Awards. Designers Kat Lawton, Gregory Carmichael, and NB design group James Fung and Whitney Maehera were honored and recognized on June 9 at SDC’s designer appreciation luncheon. 

Rising Star Award – Kate Lawton 

Kat Lawton by Mike Duryea.jpg

Project Title: Sammamish Suite 

Lawton transformed a Sammamish primary suite into a beautiful refuge for her client. The bones of the suite were transformed to create a new sense of entrance and created purpose to an existing disjointed wing wall by extending a new cased opening across the way. The furnishing was influenced by the client’s existing pieces, such as antiques, luxe details, handsome detailing, and texture. 

Influential Project Award – Gregory Carmichael

Gregory Carmichael.jpg

Project Title: Elegant Summer Camp 

Carmichael’s clients asked for more than just a lake house getaway. The empty nesters wanted a legacy gathering place on the site of the simple cabin where they spent summers raising their children. The goal was to create a stylish, welcoming, and multipurpose family compound that would be enjoyed for generations to come. The finished home now invokes the typical rustic lake house charm, while providing an ideal setting for entertaining on both intimate and large scales. 

Influential Space Award – NB Design Group James Fung and Whitney Maehara

NB Design Group by Miranda Estes.jpg

Project Title: The Walls Vineyard Tasting Room 

The Walls Vineyard from Walla Walla wanted their tasting room to act as both a public tasting room and the front of their bottling and wine producing facility. The designers’ goal was to create a fun and playful space that reflected the brand’s identity. The result was fun and a comfortable space that feels cozy and residential.