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They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, but we feel that sentiment more aptly describes the place where we gather for rest and relaxation — the living room. It’s where we cozy up for hot chocolate and movie marathons, catch up with friends and family via video, and curl up with a great magazine (you’re reading this on the couch right now, aren’t you?). With that said, you deserve a space that’s both beautiful and lush. Here are a few ways to add a thing or two to give the heart of your home a fresh feel.

Lasting Living-Room Zen

Lovely Lighting 

Lighting these days plays double duty as a practical fixture but also as a work of art that creates texture and mood. Place one of these beauties on either side of your living room wall — whichever one is a focal point. Gold is back, baby, so be bold! It also comes in matte black and polished silver. sculptural glass faceted sconce, $79 | West Elm

Lasting Living-Room Zen

Make a Statement 

Area rugs are a beautiful way to add color to a room without it becoming overwhelming or distracting. Here’s a little tip: Layer your rugs. Pick two complementary rugs (in color and shape) — one that covers the vast majority of the floor space in your living room, and one that’s a couple sizes smaller. Think of this technique as the nesting dolls of décor. mafi Bainbridge pointe noire area rug, $1,851 | Seldens

Lasting Living-Room Zen


Are you all in on a major change? Upgrading your furniture is a great investment. In order to help narrow your search, pick a style you love and an upholstery style that’s easy to maintain. One of the reasons we love this luxe lounging sofa is because it has several options for upholstery. This light-gray Bristol fabric version is easy to maintain, which is important for maintaining your Zen. Amsterdam corner sofa, prices vary | BoConcept

Lasting Living-Room Zen

Artisan Practicality

This coffee table suits each type of person: the type who gets a coffee table for storage and practicality, and the person who get a coffee table for decoration. Each glass layer gives your inner interior designer an opportunity to get creative. And for the pragmatist, there’s plenty of room for those loose living-room accouterments. artistica home, request quote | Greenbaum Furnishings

Lasting Living-Room Zen

Wall Candy

Abstract art adds intrigue without seeking a ton of attention. If your wall space allows, affix a long floating shelf that hits right around waist-height, and set a handful of paintings of varying heights on it. It’s an unexpected detail that feels fresh but also allows you to better see the art you carefully procured. concept wall décor, $249 | Moe’s Home Collection

Lasting Living-Room Zen

A Bit of Atmosphere

Sanctuary is literally in the name of this stunner. Place this five-wick candle on your coffee table, light it, and enjoy. Not only is it beautiful, with Renaissance-style speckled glass, but it will make the whole room smell heavenly. oversized sanctuary candle, $58 | Altard State