Zulu's Board Game Café

How does a Hobgoblin Maulburger sound? What about Twin Hydra Strips?

Mythical monsters aren’t on the menu at Zulu’s, a game-themed eatery in Bothell, but its imaginative menu items cleverly complement the board-game offerings at this restaurant and gaming venue.

No hobgoblins were harmed in the making of Zulu’s deluxe smash patty burger with ham and cheese; the “hydra” strips are hand-battered chicken tenders. Another Zulu’s favorite is the Mimic and Mac, a cheesy “cauldron” of hearty mac and cheese with vegetable-based meatballs.

Most dishes come with a side of “po-tay-toes” — a moniker fans of the "Lord of the Rings" movies will know as soon as they see it. Fans of role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons, or card games such as Pokémon or Magic the Gathering, also will appreciate it. Also, look for fun competitions.

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