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Spice Waala Launches a New Line of Chutneys Available in Stores


Courtesy of Green Rubino

Fans of Seattle’s Spice Waala rejoice: you can now stock your fridge and snack with abandon on four chutney flavors.

The chutneys are available at Apna Bazar‘s Bellevue and Sammamish locations in the refrigerated produce section.

Applying its “unapologetically authentic” talent for crafting vibrantly flavorful kathi rolls and chaat, Spice Waala has put the same care and love of Indian cuisine into crafting chutney flavors that spotlight cilantro, tamarind, garlic, and tomato.

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of diving headlong into the delicious world of chutneys, they are a condiment or sauce made from fruits or vegetables and a variety of spices and aromatics, typically preserved with vinegar and sugar. With their complex flavors, simply calling chutney a relish doesn’t do it justice. The name refers to its ability to entice the appetite,

Chutneys can be paired with just about everything, though Spice Waala recommends its tamarind chutney for salads and its tomato and garlic chutneys, with their spicy and savory-forward flavor, for marinades and sauces. The cilantro chutney, applicable to all of the above, may not even make it to the plate, though: it’s so good that you may eat it on its own.

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