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Newly Opened Henny’s Chicken & Bun Will Satisfy Fried Chicken Sandwich Needs


Courtesy of Henny’s Chicken

Fried chicken sandwiches are what’s hot, quite literally, at the new Henny’s Chicken & Bun. The restaurant specializes in the crunchy comfort food that — let’s be honest — always sounds like a good idea. Made with fresh, organic chicken breasts that are breaded and fried crisp, the sandwiches are served on classic potato buns and dressed in spicy flavors like Buffalo sauce, jalapeño ranch, Carolina Reaper, and BBQ and honey mustard cream cheese.

A member of the Neighborhood Grills restaurant family, Henny’s is part of the growing trend of “ghost kitchens,” offering delivery/pickup orders only, as well as the benefit of multiple locations, including Lake Forest Park, Gig Harbor, and the Eastlake and Greenlake neighborhoods of Seattle, making it easy to order online and satisfy your crispy cravings.