Photo by Phill Butcher

With the return of dining out and special date nights comes the eternal question of … where to go?

A dining experience at Rasai (meaning entrance, or passage in Hindi) in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood is a treat for the senses and an ideal spot to savor the change of seasons that welcomes the return of rich, atmospheric dining. Opened in spring, Rasai’s progressive take on Indian cuisine has excited and reshaped diners’ perspective on how the sumptuous and complex ingredients of regional Indian cooking can be presented in unexpected ways, like a Hamachi tartare or seasoned jackfruit served in a steamed bun.

Executive chef Gaurav Raj brings his experience from celebrated San Francisco restaurants like August 1 Five, Rooh, and a lifetime of cooking alongside family, creating truly elegant dishes with a modernist twist on Indian fare.

473 N. 36th St., Seattle

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