Farzi Café recently opened in Bellevue Square, and, with its debut, hopes to locally "bring Indian food back in vogue," according to its website.

The Michelin-recognized restaurant is the brainchild of London-based restauranteur Zorawar Kalra. During a recent visit to Farzi, I found that the restaurant delivered beautifully on its aforementioned aim.

Indian cuisine is often savored in ample portions of saucy curries, fluffy rice, and this writer’s all-time favorite — naan. At Farzi, Chef Gaurav Chawla leads a culinary team that promises bold South Asian flavors with modern techniques; they make good on those promises with molecular gastronomy, structured and colorful dishes, and theatrical tableside experiences.

The restaurant’s teal-hued walls and lush-yet-understated decor create an eye-catching backdrop while enjoying a signature libation from Farzi's innovative cocktail program, which notably includes 12 cocktails inspired by the Western zodiacs.

Farzi Café's opening earlier this month came with a familiar troupe of Eastside foodies, men and women about town, and social influencers. Most guests adhered to the invitation’s requested cocktail attire, which included a fair number of suits, dresses alongside traditional Indian saris, lehengas, and kurtas. As Bellevue's food scene continues to welcome more dynamic places, put Farzi Café at the top of your list. 

Andrew Hoge covers the Pacific Northwest’s evolving fashion scene, retail openings, and social events for 425.

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