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Camp Salt & Straw Offers Five New Merit Badge-Worthy Flavors


Photo by Rachel Ayotte

Salt & Straw has created its own mini-ice cream summer camp with five new nostalgia-themed flavors that evoke campfire memories and outdoor adventures — minus the mosquito bites.  Available in their scoop shops or for online ordering and local delivery, the flavors will run from Aug. 13-Sept. 23.

This new Camp Salt & Straw menu includes Salted Hazelnut Praline S’mores, Maple and Bacon Streusel, and a vegan-friendly “Bug Juice!” Sorbet made with a blend of cherry, lime, and grape juices plus hibiscus mango tea from Smith Tea. For those who remember the peanut butter and chocolate-coated cereal snacks “muddy buddies” (a.k.a. “puppy chow”), there’s a Mushroom Muddy Buddies made with the classic ingredients plus actual candied mushrooms. The addition of candied porcini, candy cap, and chanterelle mushrooms add an adventurous umami earthiness to balance the ice cream’s sweetness. And for grownup camp counselor palates, the Cowboy Coffee Grinds & Bourbon ice cream has the sweetness of chocolate brownies combined with the crunch of crushed coffee beans and a hit of Eastside Distilling’s Burnside Bourbon.

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