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Boozy Bodega Pop-Up Coming to Seattle Aug. 6, with a Surprise Twist


Courtesy of Alleksana via Pexels

In anticipation of next year’s Seattle Cocktail Week, scheduled to kick off Saturday, March 5, 2022 at Bell Harbor Conference Center, there’s a pre-function event, this year’s Boozy Bodega Pop-Up, set for Friday, Aug. 6.

It will feature specialty bottled cocktails to-go by famed Seattle bartender Abigail Gullo, as well as crispy chicken goodness inspired by the flavors of Chef Shota Nakajima’s restaurant, Taku. There is a catch: the site of the pop-up is a surprise. The location, somewhere within Seattle city limits, will be revealed a few days prior to the 6th. Curious cuisine hunters and ambitious imbibers need to sign up with their email to get access to the Boozy Bodega’s location online.

This speakeasy-style pop-up will offer summery cocktail creations like a tropical island punch, buffalo iced tea (made with Buffalo Trace bourbon), and a spicy Kokoson margarita, bottled-up and ready to serve alongside Chef Nakajima’s spicy sesame chicken sandwiches and macaroni salad. The pop-up’s offerings will be like a deluxe to-go picnic, designed to make for instant summer perfection. The pop-up also has the added benefit of its net drink-sale proceeds going to the Healthy Behind the Bar Project, a nonprofit organization designed to assist bartenders in need of health care.

Adding to the playful mood of the event, pop-up attendees have a chance to win one of 25 “golden tickets” to the Seattle Cocktail Week event this upcoming March.