Courtesy of Laura Mitulla via Unsplash

Zero-waste grocery store Scoop Marketplace will soon open a new brick-and-mortar shop in Kirkland.

The company is a relatively new venture. Scoop owner and CEO Stephanie Lentz was inspired to start an eco-friendly, zero-waste business in 2017 after becoming a parent. Until then, she hadn’t realized how many more goods are disposed of when you have children.

After researching the many negative impacts of plastics, microplastics, and other forms of disposable waste pollution on the environment, she knew it was time to take action.

“We began to make a lot of changes in our lifestyle, and started using reusables wherever possible and just making some little adjustments,” said Lentz. “Over time, we felt like we were getting really good at it, and had eliminated a lot of waste.”

In 2019, she opened the first Scoop Marketplace in Seattle’s Central District. Recently, she made the decision to move to a Juanita Village location in Kirkland.

“This is definitely not a new idea. There are a lot of zero-waste stores in places like Europe,” said Lentz. “I just felt like this kind of business would be a really good fit for the Seattle area, and I was surprised we didn’t already have something like it here.”

Customers can bring their own clean, dry containers to fill with items like detergents and bath salts; prices are determined by weight.

As for now, only prepackaged food items are available for purchase. Once Scoop’s new kitchen is operational, containers can be provided. A jar deposit and return program also will be implemented, with all items fully sanitized on the premises. The shop will additionally be able to accept container donations.

With an already strong emphasis on local goods and small businesses, Scoop Marketplace plans to extend that support to farms in the community by selling produce, as well as promoting CSA sign-ups.

“It’s important to think about the idea of taking imperfect action and prioritizing progress over perfection,” said Lentz. “Sometimes making more eco-friendly choices or living sustainably is something we procrastinate on because of a certain sense of perfectionism.”

With Scoop’s membership program, customers can invest in the company’s growth while receiving a return through special discounts on purchases, free shipping opportunities, and new-product pre-orders. There are two options to choose from: the VIP Founding Membership or the Founding Membership.

While the new space is being readied for a mid-spring opening, customers can shop at the current Kirkland Scoop location Thursdays and Fridays between noon and 4 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

“Everyone has their own definition of sustainability. Our mission is to normalize zero-waste shopping by teaching people how to improve their quality of life as they learn to walk more gently on the planet,” said Lentz.