Courtesy of Noah Buscher via Unsplash

Bellevue city staff and volunteers are sending more than 700 trees to residents and community organizations this weekend as part of the Tree for Bellevue program.

This popular program received more applicants than trees are available. However, volunteers are still needed for the pick-up event and to help those unable to plant their own trees later in the month. Visit the volunteer website to participate.

Bellevue is working in partnership with King Conversation District and the local conservation group 300 Trees.

The program will help the city’s goal to create a tree canopy in Bellevue covering 40 percent of the city’s land area by 2050. To achieve this goal, it is estimated 75,000 tress will need to be planted over the next 30 years.

In efforts to bring the health benefits of trees to all of Bellevue’s residents, the city uses a national Tree Equity Score. This ensures tree education and planting campaigns are targeted toward neighborhoods with lower tree canopy.

For those who missed the opportunity to receive a tree, Trees for Bellevue provides information on  selecting, purchasing, and planting trees. 300 Trees also holds a tree giveaway in the spring.

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