Courtesy of PAX

Labor Day weekend saw the return of PAX West — Seattle’s largest gaming convention. Despite the lack of big-name game studios, there were plenty of cool indie titles on display. Here are some favorites from the show.


By Grave Rave Games

Use your Tetris skills to crush the competition! Squish features delightful neon ghosts battling it out in a graveyard rave. The goal is to trap your friends beneath the falling Tetris-style blocks while dashing away at the last moment. 

City Block Builder

By Tentworks Interactive

Here’s your chance to become a business mogul in '50s Los Angeles. Starting with just a mom-and-pop corner store, expand your real estate empire by building cinemas, drive-ins, and night clubs. Best of all, City Block Builder's art style perfectly captures the look and feel of mid-century America.

Captain Toonhead vs The Punks from Outer Space

By Teravision Games

Captain Toonhead is a wildly imaginative virtual reality (VR) game inspired by '90s cartoons. Arm yourself with piñata bombs, hot sauce cannons, and magical “chancla” flip flops as you defend adorable aliens from T-Rex robots.

Human Apocalypse

By Euphoric Brothers

Ever wonder what happens when the zombie apocalypse ends? In Human Apocalypse, you play as a former zombie who has been “cured” by a vaccine. The only problem is half the populace still hates you. This narrative game lets you decide whether you try to live a normal life or join the resistance.


By Team Midautumn

Join the fight to save your grandmother from both evil spirits and unscrupulous landlords. As a guardian of the spirit world, you’ll explore gorgeous levels and battle strange shadow creatures. What truly sets Midautumn apart is its commentary on Asian American culture and gentrification.

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