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Now is the perfect time to learn a new career skill or pick up a new hobby. Head back to school, online.


Varies by Course; $59/month subscription

Coursera offers more than 3,000 classes from top universities like Duke, Johns Hopkins, and Wesleyan. Best of all, you won’t need to declare a major. Pick and choose from classes in the arts, computer science, language, and business. You can audit many of the video seminars for free, though you will need to pay for the course to take practical exercises and earn a certificate. Alternatively, you can sign up for the subscription service ($59/month) to get unlimited access to most classes. Not all classes offer official college credits, but there are several bachelor’s and master’s programs available.


No free trial; $180 for a full year, which can be paid $15 per month 

Ever wondered how world-class artists, athletes, and entrepreneurs rose to the top? MasterClass lets you discover the secrets of the masters. Learn how to think critically with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, how to make gazpacho with master chef Wolfgang Puck, or how to be a better communicator with the help of Good Morning America host Robin Roberts. The videos are documentary-quality and give step-by-step instructions, as well as insight into how top performers perfect their craft.


Free trial month, then $13.99 per month for a subscription

Skillshare takes the opposite approach to Masterclass: Classes are taught by everyday professionals and influencers. The upside of this approach is that classes tend to be beginner-friendly. You’ll find a wide variety of software and professional development courses, as well as niche courses, such as how to start a podcast, or become popular on TikTok. You can present your projects for feedback or participate in live workshops where you can interact with experts.

LinkedIn Learning

Free trial, then $19 per month 

Beef up your professional profile with a new certification. LinkedIn Learning (formerly offers 16,000 classes that can propel your career. Get access to all courses with a subscription. You’ll find courses on software applications from Microsoft Word to Adobe Photoshop, plus classes on project management, leadership, and diversity. Classes are organized by skill level, which makes them a great option for beginners or experts looking to stay abreast of industry trends.


Free trial, then $20 per month 

If you’re wanting something more stimulating than Netflix or YouTube, Wondrium is a terrific alternative. This new streaming service offers a wealth of video seminars, fascinating documentaries, and exclusive series. Learn Spanish, delve into the secrets of the ancient Romans, or keep up with the latest scientific discoveries. The service is available on Amazon Fire TV; Roku; Chromecast; Apple TV; and, of course, smartphones.