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Delivering Amazing Meals to Seniors and Disabled

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Photos courtesy Gourmondo

Gourmondo Co. has embarked on a collaboration with Amazon, King County Housing Authority, and Seattle Housing Authority to bring Gourmondo’s gourmet meals to those in need. In a 30-day period, 73,000 meals will be given to more than 2,700 elderly and medically vulnerable residents in King County.

Gourmondo and Amazon will distribute meals. Amazon is covering the cost to ensure elderly residents and people with disabilities living within King County Housing Authority and Seattle Housing Authority residences can safely receive healthy, hearty meals.

“I live in a mostly senior community. Usually the food bank comes to our apartment complex and helps out the seniors, but right now in our trying times, there are no food bank visits. Gourmondo really is an angel, they have been leaving box lunches at the resident doors and the food is amazing. I know it brings smiles to faces here because it’s so good and in neat boxes. It’s only been a couple days receiving the food, but I’ve enjoyed the roasted salmon with quinoa and soba noodle salad,” one receiver said.

Another person said, “I’m writing to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind, generous and deeply moving gesture to bring an old lady her lunch.  Not just any lunch, but a gourmet lunch with all the trimmings, not to mention a divinely scrumptious 3 times a week. Unheard of.”

Delivering Amazing Meals to Seniors and Disabled