color on demand kit

Courtesy of Chromatique Salons

Chromatique Salons has found a new and creative way to stay connected with clients at home with Chromatique Luxury Hair On Demand. Instead of visiting either its Bellevue or Issaquah locations, clients can have supplies delivered right to their homes.

With two options to choose from, the Custom Color Kit or the Chromatique Favorite Things Box, customers have the ability to maintain certain looks or try new ones without having to leave the house.

The idea emerged at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Later, as salons began to reopen at smaller capacity, there were still clients that could not safely venture out for appointments.

“We created this as an innovative way to not only accommodate our clients’ needs but to stay connected with them,” said owner, Samantha Lawrence. “We wanted to be able to help our clients still stuck at home and give customers another option.”

For Custom Color Kits, a series of interactive questions and pictures on the website conveniently guide clients to the color or products that best suit their needs. At which time, an experienced Chromatique Master Stylist will contact them with the results and recommend a color treatment uniquely designed and delivered to them at home.

“It’s that easy,” said Lawrence. “We have it all set up for you. It’s measured out perfectly, and there’s a QR code included that takes you to an instructional video to help through the entire process.”

Clients also have access to stylists in the event that they have questions or need further guidance.

The Chromatique Favorite Things Box offers a one-time box, or a monthly subscription option featuring samples of favorite salon products. Also included are links to instructional videos on how to use the products, as well as create different themed looks each month.

Additional videos created by Lawrence and her team cover tips for creating a polished screen presence for Zoom meetings, how to trim children’s hair, and how to cut men’s hair all from home.

“We really put a lot of thought into different options for clients to have access to, including top stylists, and a more modern version of how to do color and create looks at home,” said Lawrence.

Both the Custom Color Kit and the Chromatique Favorite Things Box can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. Reserve a Chromatique Luxury Hair On Demand kit here.