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Celebrating the 50-Year Anniversary of Saving Pike Place Market

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Seattle’s iconic Pike Place Market has stood the test of time for 114 years. But almost 50 years ago, that resilience was jeopardized when urban developers and city officials pushed to have it demolished as part of a widespread renewal plan.

With overwhelming support from community members, the Friends of the Market was formed in 1964 to help preserve the landmark. Piloted by architect Victor Steinbrueck, the group set in motion a "Keep the Market" campaign. Although defeated by the city council in 1969, the battle was hardly finished.

The initiative was reinvigorated in 1971, this time proposing a specific 7-acre historic district encompassing the Market, as well as the creation of a commission to oversee its preservation.

It took seven years, but through the unwavering efforts of the community, Friends of the Market, Pike Place Market Preservation & Development Authority, and the Pike Place Market Foundation, the market was saved.

Through the continued support of these organizations, and the many people that rallied behind them, the Market was able to face the events of the past year head-on, remaining unclosed during the pandemic and available to area residents.

Join in the celebration of 50 years of community activism that has kept the legacy of Pike Place Market strong and continues to do so today.   

Remaining Celebration Timeline

●     Sept. 30 — Celebration event for Friends of the Market Members

●     Mid-October — Documentary Pike Place Market: A Love Story premieres on KOMO 4 TV

●     Oct. 23 — Let's Keep the Market STRONG 50th Celebration Event

●     Oct. 23 — Special documentary viewing and fundraising events hosted by Pike Place Market Foundation

●     Nov. 2 — Anniversary Date


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