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3 to See: Graffiti Art, a Comedy Show, and African Dance


Art by Stephen Podrasky courtesy of Leica Store Bellevue via Facebook

The Devil is in the Details

In Urban Alleyphotographer Stephen Podrasky gives audiences a deeper look at our everyday surroundings. Alleys may be known as dark spaces to avoid, but to the artist, they — and the graffiti they host — are fascinating ways to hear the stories of the city. Join Leica Store Bellevue this Sunday at 1:30 p.m. for an in-person talk artist talk on Podrasky’s work.

Kirkland’s Signature (Comedy)

Max Amini spent his quarantine honing his signature impressions, storytelling, and social commentary — and he’s ready to share. Known for his appearances in TV shows like NBC’s Heroes, the comedian draws inspiration from his Persian upbringing and keeps audiences cackling night after night. Join Amini this Sunday at the Kirkland Performance Center for his first post-pandemic set of 2021. 

African Dance, Eastside

At its core, African dance is a way of connecting with others and responding to the surrounding world. Few know this as well as Kiné Camara, Seattle-based dancer and choreographer and Evergreen City Ballet’s inaugural creative residency artist. In Dokhontou, Camara blends traditional West African dance with styles like Afrobeats and Coupe Decale to give audiences a taste of the continent’s unique movement and expression. Visit Africa without ever leaving the Eastside this Saturday at the Evergreen City Ballet Black Box Theater.